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Our mission is to provide Mental Health resources to the local community through fitness and ministry.

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WORSHIP MESSAGE WORKOUT “We Work” Bring A Friend Week is July 22nd to the 27th! Bring your awesome frie...

WORSHIP   MESSAGE   WOD   Alpha Run: 1 Mile Pull Ups: 100 Push Ups: 200 Squats: 300 Run: 1 Mile   Bravo Run: ¾ Mile Pull Ups: 75 Push Ups: 150 Squats: 225 Run: ¾ Mile   Char...

WORSHIP MESSAGE Hope for the Hurting – WOD Warm-up 30 Seconds Active Samson Active Spidermans Wrist Stretch (On Knees Fingers Towards Self) Slow...

WORSHIP   MESSAGE The God who Fights for You (Deuteronomy 3:22) WORKOUT Warm-up 30 Seconds Each: PVC Pass Throughs PVC Overhead Squats Push-up to Down Dog PVC Narrow Pass Throughs PVC Overhead Sq...

In this week’s podcast, John and I navigate the tough topic of our Identity and what God and the Bible specifically say about our identity in Christ. You can view the link to the verses referenc...

Worship/Message Song – Overcome – Desperation Band – Message/Video David Platt ‘Tragedy Into Triumph’ 5:00 –

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We believe that through faith, fitness, and food are key to fighting issues like depression and addiction. We have a passion for helping those who are struggling to find help. Our goal is to unite the community and develop programs that use existing resources to combat suicide and other mental health issues.