Why We Exist

Prodigal Souls is ministry focused on fighting mental health and addiction issues through fitness, nutrition, and the local church.

Our goal is to create a community where individuals who are struggling with depression or addiction can meet and find support to get through their struggle. We want to create a program that doesn’t become a coping tool but instead we want to create something that truly makes an impact.


We hope to make this impact through the following:


  • Connecting participants with existing resources in the community that can help them with their unique situation.
  • Weekly fitness events where participants can meet and educate themselves on health and fitness.
  • Scholarship Programs where participants receive our full programming for three months to help pay for a gym membership, nutrition consultations, meal discounts, and spiritual growth classes.

How We Started

In 2014 our Founder Ford Henley lost a good friend to suicide. This wasn’t the first time that he had lost someone to suicide. He knew he knew he had to do something to help but he didn’t know what to do exactly.


He had recently re-dedicated his life to Christ in 2011 and had noticed a lack of focus on Mental Health support in the Church as he was going through his own battle with depression and social anxiety. He knew that whatever he did to help with suicide prevention had to be Christ focused.


In 2016 Ford discovered Crossfit and the amazing community support that comes with the challenging support. Crossfit challenged him mentally, physically and he knew he had found his solution.


Prodigal Souls was officially formed in 2017 to help combat suicide, depression and addiction through fitness, nutrition and faith.

Ford Henley Crossfit

Our Partners

We have partnered with our friends at Integrious Solutions to help bring this ministry to life. Integrious Solutions focuses on solving life’s problems the right way.

Integrious Solutions