We want everyone who comes to one of our groups or events to get the most out of our programs and most of all to enjoy them. This is why we have created our 5 commitments we ask all members and coaches to follow. Partially influenced by the book The Fifteen Commitments of Conscious Leadership we have selected and modified the best ones that we think will help you truly see a difference in yourself.

Commitment 1

I commit to taking full responsibility for what I get out of this program to improve my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

Commitment 2

I commit to support others in their journey to improve their lives.

Commitment 3

I commit to regarding every interaction as an opportunity to learn.

Commitment 4

I commit to seeing all people and circumstances as allies that are perfectly suited to help me learn the most important things for my growth.

Commitment 5

I commit to help foster a community that is safe for everyone to participate without judgement or ridicule.